Prelims of Science Quiz (Amalgam-2016)

Prepare your ward for the preliminary round of Science Quiz (Amalgam-2016) which will be held on 22.07.16. 10 MCQs and 5 one-word answers will be asked.

Syllabus- General topics of EVS covered in previous class and in present class till now. Topics of general awareness as per learner’s level.

Shortlisted candidates will appear for second round (oral round) which will be held on 27.07.16.

Tech Fest 2016


Prepare your ward for Techno Taste Competition  will be held on 27th July’16.

The students may use different food items to prepare any device / logo related to computer / technology.

->Only edible dry items to be used,.

-> Students have to bring the material from home and assemble in school only.


Pattern Designing Competition

Dear Parents
Spirolateral ( Pattern) designing competition will be held on:
20.07.16 – For Slot 2 Annual day Participants and non participants
21.07.16 – For Slot 1 Annual day participants.
Students are required  to bring the material to design the pattern. Suggested material:Graph sheet , Coloured sheets , Coloured pens etc.
Links for Spirolaterals:
Simple Spirolateral Math Art for Kids